copy-of-n753540222_2412508_1056Since the huge increase in interest in the Refugee Crisis in September 2015, universities, students and staff, have started to think about how they can make their place of education more accessible and welcoming to asylum seekers and refugees, looking at bursaries, fee waivers, access to facilities and clubs, language tandem projects, accommodation and so much more.

Take a look at our Universities of Sanctuary handbook , which shows examples of amazing work being done by institutions already, as well as ideas for what could be done and more advice for anyone looking to create a UoS. This includes sections for students, lecturers and staff, departments, senior management and student unions. We also hope to include a webpage that show all the wonderful work from around the country, where different universities can show what they have been doing.0001

We also have a section of resources, with helpful information for anyone hoping to create a culture of welcome at their university, or for anyone who is unsure about how their immigration status affects their application to Higher Education, or doesn’t know where to find help. You can find links to useful organisations, lists of universities offering bursaries, information about immigration status and H.E. and links to groups who can help give training to make sure you can campaign as efficiently as possible.

We include the work of lots of different charities and organisations, and hope that this is a spot where you can find everyone and everything you need in one place. If you know of any gaps in our resources and/ or list of helpful organisations, please do get in touch.

Email us for more information or to see what you could do at your University.

Please do let us know if anything on our site, or in the resource pack needs updating, or adding to. It is a work in progress, and we are always looking for suggestions and to be informed about new and exciting progress!


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