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The University of Sanctuary Minimum Criteria

Become a University of Sanctuary

A University of Sanctuary award is given to Higher Education institutions that can provide evidence of their commitment to developing initiatives that align with three core principles: learn, embed, and share. 

They must also demonstrate the fulfilment of ten minimum criteria specific to the Universities of Sanctuary stream. Each institution will vary in its strengths and context so the approaches taken will not be identical.

To learn more about the Learn, Embed and Share processes and the ten minimum criteria, review the University of Sanctuary Application Guidance Note and the University of Sanctuary Resource Pack.

Ready to become a University of Sanctuary?

Accreditation fee

Accreditation is valid for three years. An accreditation fee is applicable. The fee can be paid in one sum or in three annual installments. Following the three years, a review and re-accreditation fee is applicable. For more please click here.

Please contact [email protected] for information regarding the fee and payment options. In situations where difficulties arise and adjustments to fees may be required, each request will be assessed on its own merits by the University of Sanctuary Steering Group.

Re-Accreditation Process

If you are a university and have held your award for 3 years or more, you may be due for re-accreditation. Click here to view information about the award renewal process.