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Oxford students drive donations to Calais

A small group of friends at Oxford University began thinking about what they could do as individuals to help with the situation in Calais. Their idea to drive a single car, completely self-funded, across to Calais with some essential items soon snowballed and they ended up hiring two vans to fill with items donated by local people and students from 16 of the colleges!

They also managed to raise over £3000 in donations.

The project has since evolved considerably and shows no sign of slowing down – check out more details on our website! If you do wish to set up a similar project, please talk to your local STAR group, if you have one, or talk to other organisations already
doing this. Although always with good intentions, those who are under-informed can end up being more of a hindrance than a help, and can get into trouble, so do be aware of the challenges.