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Refugee Support Network provides training for practitioners on access to higher education. 

This training is ideal for:

  • University staff (especially Widening Participation and Admissions staff)
  • Student ambassadors
  • Social workers
  • Teachers/careers advisors from schools and colleges
  • Youth workers from refugee support organisations
  • Anyone else who is trying to support young people from asylum-seeking backgrounds to progress to HE

Attendees will:-

  • Grapple with the particular difficulties that young refugees and asylum seekers face in accessing, remaining and progressing in HE
  • Understand what different young people with a variety of immigration statuses are entitled to re: fee status, student finance, scholarships, grants and other forms of support
  • Learn about the latest legal and policy developments affecting access to HE for young people in care
  • Grow in ability to meet the support needs of young refugees and asylum seekers attempting to progress to university, including tips about advocating on their behalf with local authorities and universities
  • Consider alternative progression routes and funding options for young people who are not eligible for home fee status/student finance
  • Share best practice and practical information about how to help young people from asylum-seeking backgrounds to move forward

For more information, please see their webpage here.