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One student from Oxford strives to make a difference

How one student can make a difference:

Edward is a second year Philosophy and Psychology student at Oxford University, who travelled to Bulgaria to volunteer in a refugee camp with a student society. The stories he heard, and the individuals he met were so inspirational that he felt he couldn’t just stand by. But how could he, one student, help?

Edward wanted to give these incredible people a platform, so that their stories of hope, resilience and forgiveness could inspire others, and also wanted to raise money to help in this crisis. He collected stories, and photos of those telling them, and has created an anthology, with the help of the storytellers who volunteered to be a part of the project, and supporters on a crowdfunding site.

Edward raised £1600 in four weeks. All the money raised from sales of the book will go towards scholarships for students who had to cut their education short due to the circumstances in their home countries, and for subsidies for language courses, to ensure that languages are not a barrier to education in the country where they find refuge.