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University of Bradford recognised as University of Sanctuary

The University of Bradford has become one of the first universities in the UK to be awarded as a ‘University of Sanctuary’.

The award recognises the University’s work over many years to create a culture of welcome and inclusion for those seeking sanctuary.

The University has been working on:

  • training for staff
  • developing learning packages for staff and students
  • Sanctuary Scholarships
  • ‘Pennies in the Salary’ scheme which contributes to various initiative, including a hardship fund and local allotment space for scholarship students

Dr Mel Cooper, chair of the Bradford University of Sanctuary working group, said: ‘Offering University scholarships to sanctuary seekers has been one of the highlights of my career in higher education. I am really proud to work at a University that has championed the University of Sanctuary cause and offered the opportunity to people who deserve to learn and develop so they can contribute to the society in which they are living.’

These scholarships help refugees or people seeking asylum, who cannot access student finance, to pay student fees and participate in higher education.


You can find out more via this University of Bradford web article or visit this page for updates

Congratulations to the University of Bradford!