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Westheimer scholarship – a unique opportunity for young asylum seekers to get to university

Education enables refugees to build more hopeful and secure futures for themselves and their communities, yet just 1% of refugee youth around the world make it to university.

Young people seeking asylum face particular barriers when trying to enter higher education in the UK, primarily their ineligibility for student finance and their categorisation as ‘international’ students. High ‘international’ fees, coupled with their exclusion from student loans, puts university out of reach for many bright and motivated students.

The Westheimer Health and Social Care Scholarship has been launched to create opportunities for these young people who currently have limited options to pursue higher education. Ranging from an annual grant of £10-20k, this scholarship enables up to three young asylum seekers each year to study for a first degree or professional qualification in the field of health and social care.

Scholarship applications for the academic year 2017/18 will open in spring 2017.

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