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Award and Accreditation

University of Sanctuary Award: Process Overview

For a more detailed process and steps, click here

A University of Sanctuary award is given to Higher Education institutions that can provide evidence of their commitment to developing initiatives that align with three core principles: learn, embed, and share. 

A note about applications in 2023

Due to the number of applications we have received, and the very limited capacity of the national team/coordinator, the application window will be closed from January to August 2023. This is to help us complete ongoing appraisals, as well as manage and re-accredit existing universities that are due to renew their award before we can welcome more applications from new universities. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any questions about this please contact us at [email protected]

Accreditation and Re-Accreditation

Becoming an accredited University of Sanctuary involves four steps:

  1. Using the Guidance Document, submit an Application Form and email to [email protected] 

  2. Appraisal Visit and feedback

  3. Award

  4. Integration into UoS and CoS Network 

Please use this document for guidance: Guidance notes and Minimum Criteria of becoming a University of Sanctuary

Each institution will vary in its strengths and context so the approaches taken will not be identical.

However, there is a set of minimum criteria that each accredited University must meet, detailed in the University of Sanctuary Resource Pack. 

The University of Sanctuary programme coordinator will provide support at all stages of the application, including advice on initiatives and activities that could work at a particular institution, and sharing best practice from the City of Sanctuary network.

The University of Sanctuary programme coordinator will give feedback after the application is submitted. Feedback will include advice on how to prepare for a successful appraisal visit.*

An appraisal committee* will visit the University to assess the application. 

Following a successful appraisal visit, we encourage a celebration of achievement through an award giving ceremony. The award ceremony can also serve as a stepping stone for the new University of Sanctuary to begin working with local, regional and national City of Sanctuary groups through their participation in the ceremony. 

Accreditation fee

Accreditation is valid for three years. An accreditation fee is applicable. The fee can be paid in one sum or in three annual installments. Following the three years, a review and re-accreditation fee is applicable. For more please click here.

Please contact [email protected] for information regarding the fee and payment options. In situations where difficulties arise and adjustments to fees may be required, each request will be assessed on its own merits by the University of Sanctuary Steering Group.

*Appraisal visits and meetings with universities and panels for feedback are currently taking place online.

*Appraisal team consists of a member of the University of Sanctuary Steering Group, a member of a the local City of Sanctuary group, a representative from an accredited university and a sanctuary scholar. The University of Sanctuary programme coordinator will offer feedback on the appraisal visit. 

Re-Accreditation Process

If you are a university due for re-accreditation after 3 years of the award, please click here to view information about the award renewal process.